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    Hi everyone,

    Brand new to all this. Just purchased a 66cc motorized bike kit and installed on my beach cruiser not to long ago. Everything ran fine for about a week then i started to notice a some fuel leaking out of my carb. so i took apart the carb and bent the fork down a little bit. When i reinstalled the carb I also made sure all the bolts on the the engine were tighten down. Then the problems started the engine would start and you can hear the throttle open up but there is absolutely no power going to the wheel. Now when i try to run the engine fuel leaks out of the exhaust pipe. any ideas would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for you time.


  2. wheelbender6

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    Confirm that you have spark when the engine dies. You are getting plenty of fuel if you see it in the exhaust.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Okay...the engine starts. You can 'hear the throttle open up'. Does this mean that the engine is still running? That it's revving up into higher and higher RPMs?

    If there's no power going to the wheel and that engine is running, then you've got a clutch slipping issue. Or a clutch engagement issue.

    At the top of this page you'll find a little 'search' box. Type "clutch" in there and you'll find all sorts of threads on the topic of clutches.

    And in there you'll find the remedy for that. Best of luck.
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    After a little more research and a spark plug test there is no spark. I did a resistance test on the CDI and magneto and both are bad. Looks like some fuel got into the connections and shorted out both. Oh well hopefully i get this thing working again soon.
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    Okay. That's not so bad. Those parts are cheap and easy to find.

    But it does point back toward that leaking carb problem, doesn't it? You won't get far if you have that much fuel leaking.

    You've adjusted the forks on the fuel shutoff in the carb. Have you verified that the float has not sprung a leak? That it's actually floating?

    If yes, then I've go to wonder if there's something wrong with the valve that those forks open and close.