Hog or Crotch-Rocket?



Greetings! Here are a few pics of my first motor-assisted bicycle. It's a King powered 80CC on a $53 bike from Target. I have about 70 miles on it so far, riding it to work 20 miles round trip at 25:1 breakin mix. So far it's running good after replacement of the cheesy engine mount studs and a boat load of Loc-tite.

a perfect basic-install, i bet you're catching some stares & getting a lot of questions already :D

yaknow, you could be mighty helpful 'round here by reporting on the power king's performance when properly installed and maintained 8)
I think it looks pretty darn good. It's amazing what you can get for that price. Are those alloy wheels? Is that the original seat?
Movin on.
The wheels are what came with it. Not sure if they are steel or aluminum. The seat I purchased at a bicycle specialty shop for $30.00.
I figured might as well make it a comfy ride! The stock seat was really starting to hurt at about 15 minutes of riding. This new seat is really nice. Thanks for all the compliments on the bike. It was fun to mount the kit.

A very nice clean looking installation and a sharp looking bike. Congrats, Dan. You're gonna have lots of fun with it. Be prepared to answer tons of questions everywhere you stop with it.

I was thinking of mounting a water bottle on my bike, but it looks like you really one upped me with that fire hydrant you have mounted on your bars. I can't even begin to compete with that.

Very nice and clean looking. Whereabouts are you from?

Oh and I love the fire hydrant on the handlebars, is that from Target too?
HAHA! That's for when I need cooled off! I live in the Dayton/Springield area. Up to about 150 Miles on the bike, riding it to work!


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