How do I weld motor mount?

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  1. This is going to be a long project heck i probably wont get started on it till new years so knowing what i need to accomplish this build now will help me better when i do get to get started on it considering cost of materials/tools is already about $1400.00 which is a big factor in being prepared knowing what your budget is. i want something that can fly WOT at 60 mph so i can cruise comfortable at 40 mph without having to race the engine, and yes i do plan on registering it if you go back a few pages you can see what im trying to accomplish its a 125cc 4 speed on a fat tire build with disk brakes and a jackshafted 7 speed derailleur with a full lighting system with a 100db horn

    So however anyone wants to suggest to accomplish fitting this frame together.

    Hmm maybe cut the frame right at the seat post add a internal sleeve to to front and weld said sleeve to seatpost do any of these ideals sound logical

    No I do not want a motorcycle or a moped, I want my own custom motoped!!
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