Hausheng 4 stroke motor mount plate dimensions

michael whiteman

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Mar 2, 2021
If you plan to use a Hausheng 4 stroke, I hope this will help you choose the right bike. This is the motor mount that came with my kit. The surface rust and discoloration has happened over the last year while it was in my graden shed. Shows how inferior the coatings really are. A wood template could be made easily if your saw can cut a 60* angle. The plate is 4 inches wide. If not, then make it out of cardboard. The minimum and maximum adjustment lengths are shown, so I would make 2 templates. These measurements are from where the mount contacts the tube. The cast iron ends on mine were 59 and 63 degrees. There is a lot of material that you could grind into a slightly different angle if necessary.


I will also add if you buy that mount to use on a Micargi cruiser bike it is too short. The center plate needs to be made longer.

Also you got to grind the end pieces to the right frame tube angles.
Here is the mounting plate I got with my 100 cc kit. The thing is over 5 lbs I think and doesn't fit my frame. I'm making a pattern to cast one in aluminum.
The width is 4 1/2. The front is 1 5/8 25* the rear is 1 1/8 30*. Shown is fully extended and fully retracted. there are 4 bolts on each end.


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Anyone ever mounted on a Cranbrook? I got the adjustable mount, didnt come with those heavy inserts, was I supposed to buy those seperate?
There are some nice cnc mounts that claim to fit everything. Don't have a link but I think they were at least 80 US.

Now that I'm going to have another go at casing this weekend, 80 is a deal. I'm into it for several hundred but it is custom made to fit the frame I have. I'll post some pictures if it works. This time for sure.

Here is a link for one.

Another one.