How Huffy deals with a problem

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    When I got my six bikes from WalMart online, one had a crunched fender and another had a spoke in the rear rim that had no threading- seriouse, it was in place but could not attatch and was loose in the spokenut. I called WalMart and they sent me to Huffy's 'missing parts' line. I mentioned that I had a damaged piece and an incomplete one. They took the bike model number of each bike- they sent me a new fender without asking for the old one back. They could not send a spoke however- they sent me a whole new wheel! If that isn't customer service then I have no grasp of the concept.
    the Old Sgt.

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    excellent huffy doing what they need to do now to keep business
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    That's good. If they are going to make weak bikes, at least they have customer support.