How many 2.5l before break-in

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Just as it reads in the title. I'm just a little curious how many tanks of 2.5l did you use initially before breaking in your motor(s). Right now I'm using 20:1 on a Wildcat Pro Racing PK80. (Ported) from It's finally starting to feel it's beast within and I'm know about 7 1/2 full tanks of 2.5 litres. So that's roughly 18.75 litres. 4.95 gallons. Running off Lucas semi-synth mixed with 20% Maxima Castor.

Preformance is great I unfortunately couldn't program the speedometer to my Schwinn Stingray OCC's tires. So I have been using a odometer/speedometer on my phone. Technically I get about 30-40miles per 2.5l tank. So to be safe from guessing my mileage now. I'm just assuming 30-40MPL from the kit tank. Being that it varies based from my driving habbits, fast and furious to stop and go. I'm nearing between 225 miles to 300 miles. As suggested for this motor from their site. the 5hp/6hp recommends 500KM break-in 16:1. 20:1 after. Zane the seller recommended 20:1 break-in 32:1 normal. Either way I'm pretty positive I've surpased the time frame. However I have 2 gallons of premixed e10 91 octane 20:1 to burn through. So I'm guessing just to run the rest of that and then switch to 32:1.

What's your experience, despite motor? I know everyone generally will say use conventional first synthetic after. Whatever flows. Semi Synthetic seems to have seasoned the motor well, longer than most may claim. But it sounds and runs like a dirt bike now. Only issue i have after long drives is sometimes coming to complete stops i will loose power on the bike until i go again. This may be just because of heat. I'm pretty confident I have zero air leaks. Believe me i made sure with my permax applications... But keep in mind these issues are tyipcally after 30-45 minute drive running between 1/4 to 1/2 throttle.

What's your success or stories?