How to Cook a clutch



well I Did it! yes I cook my frist clutch,not made it slip or drag alittle,completly cooked! you can ride the bike with the lever out and NO DRAG!
so ltes start to say i'm 290 and I was pulling a bike trailer with 15gals of water,40 lbs of Dog food ,1gal of wash soap(tide) 1gal of bleach,1gal of mixed fuel,about 35 lbs of products, oh and the trailer itself is 47 lbs

lets see the bike with motor = 70 lbs
trailer....loaded = 270 lbs
me= bubba fat %^$ = 290 lbs

total = Deep Fried Clutch !!!!! :eek:

oh yea one more thing my tool kit about 15 lbs !!!

P.S. I sold my truck so I can pay my cc bills :( the bike is my new truck.....its no chevy :mad:but its paid for:rolleyes:
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yes I know king's sells them for 25. shipped but I've got a few full clutches around so I'll wait till this one cools off ....(yes it was smoking when i parked it) and prop a new one in :rolleyes:
Your Tool Kit Weights 15 Pounds!!! Wth You Got In The There? Another Motor???

Hey Loco....
would you mind posting a few pics while changing your clutch? Maybe some tips for us to make the process go smoothly. Are there any tricks to getting everything apart?:confused:
How did it fail? Did you notice a gradual loss of power or a slow loss of power? Did it fail at a start up? Were there flames coming out?
Sorry guys I didn't take any photos when r&r the clutch ,and when it went out it was while i was going up a very light incline over a 2mile strechbuy the time I pulled into my drive there were wifs of smoke coming out of the clutch cover! 600+ lbs the motors will do it but the clutch wont. :p
Bummer...Next time only get 10 gallons of water and 20 lbs of dog food.
Just kidding. It is nice to know how much abuse these little things can take.
sounds like your going to need a pressure plate as well.i,ll bet it,s got blue heat scoreing all over it,witch hardens the metal.nice to know it,ll take 600ib,s thought.
What gearing are you running?....Maybe a big sprocket will let her live a little longer?