how to make an intake gasket



I just had the occassion to make my first replacement intake gasket. I happened to have some decent quality gasket material kicking around and cutting the outer shape with scizzors was no big deal. The small holes were also easy to punch out with a leather punch tool I had in my tool box. The large center hole sorta had me stumped. Yes, I could have traced it out and carefully cut it out with an exacto knife, but I knew I'd have a difficult time making it perfectly round....and maybe I'm too fussy because once it's installed nobody's gonna see it anyways...but I thought I could come up with a better solution. I searched thru that messy bottom drawer of my tool box that contains all the misc junk that's too good to throw away til I found a short chunk of 3/4" OD thin wall tubing. I tapered the outer edge down with my bench grinder. Then I used the drum sanding attachment of my Dremel to sharpen the inner circumference of the tube until I basically had a knife edge on the end of the tubing (be careful when using the Dremel drum sander because if the tube slips out of your hand, it really goes flying and spinning about). I then placed my gasket material on a flat piece of wood and used a press to push the tubing thru it (you could likely use a hammer and just pound it thru). I ended up with a nice clean hole and a fairly decent looking gasket. I'm not sure how everyone else makes these gaskets, but I just figured I'd submit my idea.