Carby HT stock carb float issue- and poss solution

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    Got up this AM to bike to work- turn on gas valve, gas starts urinating out of carburator. This is a Chinese 49cc two-stroke with stock carb. Take car to work. When I get back, I pull float chamber apart and find float 2/3 full of fuel mix. Bummer. Then I remember a tube of SEAL-ALL I found as I am packing to move. Their website claims it can be used to repair carb floats. I drill two small holes to draing the float, glue up said holes as well as the joint seams where the two pieces of plastic are joined. Tommorrow I will wet-sand the surfaces and re-install this thing- will report in a week's time if it works. Should it give out, I will report that as well however far down the line that occurs. We shall see-
    the Old Sgt.

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    carb float repair

    Well, at the very least, seal-all WILL provide a temporary repair. How long it will last, I'll have to wait and see. It does not bond well to the plastic, sort of like rubber cement on paper- but it does seal the holes as long as you do not abraid it. I will inform you when it fails.
    the Old Sgt.
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    float problem

    On my bike I had a similar problem, but the reason was that the "pin" that held the valve in place had rattled loose. When I took the carburetor apart those parts just came undone. I did get it all together and then made a copper clip that held the pin in place and still had enough room for the bottom of the carb. I think I will see if I can find some steel to make another clip because this one only lasted a few months before I had gas coming out of my air filter and dripping on the floor again.

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    Seal all is good for about two months or so- am now purchasing float