Question about carb size and type


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Dec 13, 2021
As some may know im currently running a California motorbikes pre-ported wildcat 80(don't even get me started on THAT decision)
Well it came with a 16mm supposedly race carb but its a real
P. O. S .
Short version is that between it and the intake adapters i haven't been able to use it at all.
Luckily I had a 21mm oko from Temu and even tho its over sized i have atleast been able to ride my bike. Unfortunately the bottom cap on the float bowl broke on me so looks like im going cabbie hunting (sshhh be verrry verry quite lol)
So here's my question.... What size and style do yall recommend for a ported reed valve engine like mine???
Keep in mind im running on fumes budget wise.
This is the kind of engine I have except I have a cnc head .


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