LIFAN 100cc 2 stroke on the way. Fred (CR machine)pk 80 race engine for sale

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Feb 15, 2019
Ok guys and gals. I have made the commitment and ordered this lifan 100cc engine. I ordered it today and is estimated delivery is mid March. The only things im really worried about is if I have to raise the motor for clearance then i will have to manufacture a shifter linkage, which wont be too dificult. Also the fit is going to be tight so im prolly going to go to a really small bicycle front sprocket or i may have away with the bicycle drive all together and just have the pedals on for looks.(I can hear it now so let me clarify: I know removing the bicycle drive woukd then not be a "legal" mb. But neither is 100cc engine and in most states the law is 49cc or less so If the cops really wanted to enforce it all these "66cc or 80cc" motors would not be legal either. The point is the cops in my town don't really care as long as your not obstructing traffic or speeding through town or being dumb and doing burn outs or wheelies through town. If my measurement are correct it should just barely fit. May have to do a few mods but it ahouldnt be too difficult. I was looking into big bore kits/chainsaw kits but in the end they were too much hastle and down time with no bike that swayed my decision. And these lifan motors are pretty well reviewed. Its like main motor company for motorcycles/mopeds overseas. So....that being said if anybody would like to buy my old motor here in the next couple months it will be for sale. Its a Fred (cr machine ) built pk80 race engine with less than 20 hours on it. I will be selling the engine only (with the fred head, and runtung performance carb) for $250 ive had it gps spees tested at 43 mph on flatland. If you lookin his site he gets $375 for them. Heres what the ebay artical said about the Chosen model: standard. Below are some pictures of the motor and the kit that comes with it. I have a 21mm oko copy carb so I'll probably be using it instead of the 19mm I believe the kit comes with. Also might swap out my aluminum mag rims for a set of small go ped tires or find some good 10ga. Spoked wheels with a billet hub adapter for the sprocket. I don't think that the cheap mag wheels will hold up to repeated torque like that. Onenof my buddies had a modified 4 stroke bike and he twisted his rear wheel to s**t. I will keep y'all up to date on all my progress and take plenty of pics of the build and when finished yes I will post a few speed runs and going through the gears. I saw online that this motors top speed is around 140km which is around 75-80 mph I believe. I will never need to go that fast so I'll prolly gear it down so i can take off in second from a dead stop. Any input or ideas are welcome. I nees all the help i can get anyone else try anything similar? And please I don't need comments like why not just get a full on motorbike? Or your going to kill yourself. No bashing please, I am an experienced rider and I raced motocross all through my youth and have had 2 full size bije in my life so i know whats safe and not. Like I said I dont plan on going 80 mph but it will be fun for One and for two if I have to get on a 2 lane highway for some reason, I know.the power is there if I need it. Otherwise it's just going to be a conversation starter and a brag build.

1) strong power, easy maintenance
  1. good for 2 wheel motorcycles and dirt/pit bikes
  2. all engine parts available
FREE Complete Engine Kit:
Ignition coil
Here are the specs...
Type : Single-cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled, tilting, size: 375×297×405
NW : 22KG
max power : 6.25/7000(1±5%)
Packing size: 445×330×380 Displacement : 98
Max Torque/rpm : 8.3/6500(1±5%) Compression Rate : 6.6:1
Bore x Stroke : 50×50 Ignition : CDI
Lubrication Method: Pressure and Splash Min fuel Consumption : ≤476
Starting Method: Kick Clutch Method: Manual Wet Multi-Plate
Gearshift Method: 4-speed gearshift
Fuel/oil mixture : 25:1
engine oil : universal 2 strock engin


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Hey cool you ended up getting it. Remember the mounts are like on a dirt bike or atv with a long bolt that goes through so have to come up with something. With wide pedals might be able to use a hand shift.
Hey cool you ended up getting it. Remember the mounts are like on a dirt bike or atv with a long bolt that goes through so have to come up with something. With wide pedals might be able to use a hand shift.
Yeah I seen that.. I've watched countless videos and stayed up many large nights researching this motor and I finally pulled the trigger. Lol thanks for putting me on it. Ever since that first day I saw it I couldn't get it out of my head. Then I would watch a few videos and talk myself into t thinking it was going to be too big. After measuring and re measuring and checking all the numbers it seems like it's going to just work. Worse case scenario is I'll have to buy one of those cool stretched 26" frames. I've always wanted to do one of those in a chopper style This is going to be an all summer project but on the motor mounts I wasthinking either flat mounting bracket like the ones for the 4 strokes will work or make my own and then weld the mounts onto that for the bolts, or use a couple of "U bolts and make my own mounting brackets. I don't know lol I need to get the motor already the excitement is killing me. I figure if everything goes smooth I could have it on the road in a day. Maybe 2 depending on my buddh's availability for the welding. It's going to be fun, and I have a feeling a little more reliable than the China girls. Just seems like here lately everytime I get back from a ride or want to go on a ride something needs fixed or adjusted, it was fun working on them At first but now that I know pretty much everything there is to know it gets monotonous working on the same stuff. But I'm excited and will keep everyone everyone up to date on the progress.
Looks pretty cool but that "22KG" looks scary (48.5lbs). At least it has an attached transmission.

That's heavier than a HF212 tho, which I already think is too much of a pig for a bicycle frame.
dang,, even my 4 stroke 118 is 28lbs hahaha
Yeah, just my own point of view from years as a well-fed dude beating on bicycle components. The ultimate in "big block" to me has always been the Briggs bikes, and most of the ones I have seen are really well-built and therefore heavy, over 110lb bikes. Heck, I feel like my own white bike is a pig because it weighs 70lbs! It's all cork-stuffed steel and heavy duty slime-filled wheels. My 81" long basket bike weighs much less than that.

Anyway, this is dang good science, and science is good times if no one dies.
Looks pretty cool but that "22KG" looks scary (48.5lbs). At least it has an attached transmission.

That's heavier than a HF212 tho, which I already think is too much of a pig for a bicycle frame.
I agree with you there. But I have a gas frame bike with triple tree suspension and mag rims. I plan to upgrade to either hydrolic disc brakes or I've been looking at the heavy duty 11 gauge rims and a hub mounted sprocket adapter. I don't think it will twist a wheel hub. And upgraded wheel bearings is a must for that speed, was planning on reinforcing the frame a bit by adding some triangular grommets in the corner. Its going in this bike for now (pictures below) but eventually going to get a stretched 26" frame Abd build a chopper.


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I think the thing is a 4 speed so shouldn’t have any problems carrying its own weight compared to a 49cc 4 stroke. The mounts will have to be beefy.
Yes it is a four speed manual. I don't have any worries about it pulling me. They use this engine overseas on full size motorcycles. And they make a universal mount for almost all there engines (pictures below) but I'll probably just get the one they make for all the 4 stroke kits because it's a lot cheaper and it already has the mounts for a bicycle. There are 4 threaded holes on the bottom of the motor so i think that would be sufficient in holding the motor in place. If you look up lifan 100cc on you tube some of those people make some pretty cool stuff. A lot of cafe racer style bikes.


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dang,, even my 4 stroke 118 is 28lbs hahaha
This is heavier in weight because is has a 4 gear manual transmission along with a wet friction clutch ( regular dirtbike clutch) I found videos of people doing around 120km per hour that's around 75mph and that's with no porting or anything stock. This is a motor for a full size dirtbike or motorcycle here is a pic of the bike it comes on overseas.


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