huasheng 4 stroke wake up?

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  1. has anyone made these engines wake up a little? if so what did you do? regards bill

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    49 cc 4-Stroke Performance Parts

    Until just recently there hasn't been anything available in the way of aftermarket performance parts available for these motors. In April a company in Santa Barbara CA. Affordable Go Karts AGK came out with several Intake and Exhaust options for these motors.

    Hopefully these are just the first of many Performance Parts to come for the Honda & HS Motors

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    Thanks for the info OCScully!
    Now I have more stuff to add to my "Wish List".

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    Tnx for that link OCS.
    I just bought the HF 6.5hp greyhound engine for $75 and will probably need to put it on a legal M2 scooter, I guess.
    The price was just too good to pass up!
    Definitely will need some mods, though.