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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by islanddave, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. islanddave

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    Hello All,

    Just acquired a new Huseng engine. I filled the engine with 250ml of 10w30 and ran it. I then thought that I should look at and lubricate the gears in the transmission. as i was taking the housing bolt off a leak began to develop between the housing and the gasket. I thought that the gears and the clutch was dry and not run in oil. Am I mistaken? The housing also has an allen head bolt that is atop the outer housing. What is the purpose of this bolt?

    Has anyone had success with running the gears and clutch in an oil bath? Perhaps motorcycle oil, as most bikes use a wet clutch system?

    Thanks Dave

  2. cigron

    cigron Member

    I have stage 111 gear box. I ran it dry and wet. It wrokes mutch better
    wet. the clutch will slip a little up to about 10 mph after that it`s just
    fine.running it dry it seamed to take off in a jerking motion. I put about 80cc
    of ATF fluid.
  3. islanddave

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    I think that mine runs wet all of the time. The allen headed access hole in the top will bleed out oil if I tilt the bike backwards. If this is the case why do some insist to lube the gears with axle grease and the like, when the oil will just disolve the grease? What am I missing here?

  4. Nitrohorse

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    I run about 4 ozs. of Wally World synthetic gear oil in my Hoot. Never had any problems with the gear box and I have about 500 miles on it. Some guys pack the gear box with grease, which I'm sure quiets it down more than oil.
  5. GearNut

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    It is a wive's tale that oil will dissolve grease. It will not.
    Gears may pulverize the grease into submission, eventually creating a grease/ oil solution, but that is as close as you will get to it actually dissolving.
  6. islanddave

    islanddave New Member

    That what I mean! So why do some bother? Why be so careful to place it on the gears when the oil oil re-disperses it through out the engine?

  7. islanddave

    islanddave New Member

    Where do you add the gear oil? With the rest of the engine oil? or are you suggesting that the gears are sealed off from the rest of the bike and run dry unless oil is added to them?

  8. Nitrohorse

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    The gears are sealed from the engine. There's a small bolt on the top of the gear box to add oil.
  9. islanddave

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    Thank You. I was going to pull the side cover off and take a look but didn't want to ruin the gasket.I guess mine was filled from the factory because it has oil in it even though I did not put it there. I am going to try motor cycle oil so the clutch does not slip.

    thanks Dave
  10. islanddave

    islanddave New Member

    I pulled the cover off anyways and found that it was filled with approximately 250 ml of gear oil. If you know what gear oil smells like then you know what it is. I guess they send them off from factory with gear oil already there!

  11. Nitrohorse

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    My kit is from 2008, and the Hoot gear box was shipped with a teaspoon of grease in it. I cleaned the grease out and added the synthetic gear oil right after I installed the kit. It whines like a chimp with hemmoroids, but so far, it's held up with no major wear on the gears.
  12. unior

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    Synthetic oil will run cooler than anything and offer the best protection.