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    While searching the Internet, I found an electronic ignition controller for 2 stroke and 4 stroke small engines at a reasonable price of $4.10 for one. I am not an electronics person, but it looks like a simple circuit design that maybe some one here has some input whether it would be economically feasible as an alternative to the one that come with the 2 stroke kits. It does have 3 ignition advance angles. In volume of 500+, the company would program to buyers specifications. I figure about $2.00 a piece in volume of 500+

    Typical power requirements for the KX1130 are 1.1mA at 5 volts.

    Here's the company:

    Here's an application note:

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    ??? Why not just get the Jaguar CDI - He has already done the hard work for you.

    I have it on my bike and it's proven to be reliable and it works!

    Having said that, i want a much improved version of the Jaguar CDI with a digital interface and a method to plug the ignition module into a laptop computer to really have some fun; i'm prepared to pay good money when such a product is developed.
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    Now that's a very nice ignition system - shame it can't be easily incorporated, using the rotor of the standard Chinese 2-stroke bicycle engine.
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