Indian Board Track

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Apr 1, 2016
¨ We make your dream come true ¨
Hello Indian Vintage Riders A pleasure to meet you.
For those who don't know us yet.
I would like to invite all of you to see what can be done in Argentina. We are Argentine Craftsmen and Goldsmiths making screw to screw and sell to the world. Indian Replicas Tribute Boardtrack 1917 , Daytona 1920 and Powerplus 1916 and your parts. Scale Measure Ratio 1:1 .
On the outside, the engine respects the esthetics and original appearance, but on the inside, VERY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE
it has cutting edge technology like Pistons and Forged connecting rods, Electronic Ignition, Two ¨Black Box¨ etc…- AS RACE ENGINES.
About more 20 hp to enjoy.
You can see Videos here in YouTube

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