Insufficient Oomph


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8:05 AM
Jun 14, 2008
Bratleboro, Vermont
I have a WizWheels Trike w/a 600 watt US Pro (Currie) motor driven by 24 volts. I frequently cross a 200 foot hill (and back). If I don't pedal hard enough, the motor overheats & conks out. Motor and controls are stock. Can I increase voltage to 36 or 48 to get more torque without injuring motor or controls?
I've heard of currie systems being easy to overvolt to 36v however you do risk burning out your motor unless you provide it extra cooling or buy one with a higher wattage rating.
Giving the motor more power will just make it even hotter. Try to get a larger, cooler motor. It sounds like your 24V motor is on the limit.
Can it be geared lower? Can you move the motor to pedaling chain or side to utilize the gears?

I've had a E-zip for 3 weeks now. There is one hill that I'm pedaling 100% power and the motor is straining to make it. My commute now is only 6 mi one way, I will be moving up to 20 mi when we get a house. If I have 3 or 4 hills like that it would be a real problem. In order to get a leg up on this I plan on relocating the motor to get a range of gears. I haven't done any direct work on this yet. I've been busy adding accessories and dismantling my donor bike.

Is your bike a recumbant? I don't see how you pedal those things with any real force. You can't use your body weight to help pedal.