Interesting LED headlight possibility

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by loquin, Sep 13, 2010.

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    I want an LED headlight... I have found them for $60-100 (ones that look more like motorcycle headlights and are meant for ATVs, tractors...)

    forgetting about wattage and amperage, I bought a halogen ATV light from Auto Zone that is plenty bright enough, but draws a lot more power than an LED would... wonder if I could just convert it somehow to LED... or put an LED light source into it...
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    That's easy, just change the Halogen bulb to an LED with the same number. H4 with an H4 LED bulb ect....
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    That light looks nice! Might want to use a voltage regulator for it though. Right now I have a utility headlight I bought from Walmart. It's black plastic and 4" in diameter and uses an h4 bulb. I got a replacement 5 watt LED h4 bulb from dealextreme and it seems to put out a very nice pattern but not as bright as the 50 watt halogen bulb it came with. It's still pretty bright though. It is a good match for the magneto type generator I am creating for the Huasheng motor. Total cost was about $33 plus tax.
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    The light from dealextreme has a regulator built-in - it works with 8-20 volts.
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    Wow, I just might order one. I just wish it was a little more focused.
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    I bought the light and this lens for it.
    I've attached a picture of the lens and the light attached to my bike. It's a nice setup. It works very well with my new alternator for the Huasheng. Here are some videos of it in action.
    I'm pretty happy with it. It's much brighter and more focused than my previous lights.

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