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    'good day,
    my name is "roo dude" & iam a .... i'm a.... uuuhhh.... sniff... sniff... this is sooo difficult. lets just say that, i have this morbid affinity for bicycles, sidecar motorcyles, trail bikes, & military vehicles. there ! i said it.
    worksman crusier
    worksman folding trike
    coker monster crusier
    honda ct 110
    rokon trailmaster 2 wheel drive w/sidecar
    ural gear-up 2 wheel drive w/sidecar
    & various other junkers.
    currently awaiting delivery of a honda advantage 50 cc from dimension edge for the w. crusier. very informative bunch of folks. 'figured this may be the way to go considering my girth/wieght & the bike itself is over 70 lbs. the terrain here is all "flat land". came across this site quite by accident while doing my research on this project. if this works out, as i imagine it will, the trike will be next. who knows, maybe the monster crusier will follow.....(36 in. wheels)...
    ........'figure sum moon discs & who knows maybe bonneville????...................
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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll have fun.

    Keep us posted.
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    Welcome to MBc

    Have fun,