It' Alive!!!

As promised--

Positives-- It's a rip roaring 50mph monster, looks great, easily change drive wheels for lower gearing, starts on the fly, surprisingly quiet, still pedals and provides biking experience

Negatives--Added 17lbs to my otherwise lite MTB, heavy rear affects handling,twist grip a little cheesy, legality?

I love it although it needs a little tweaking-- easy assembly-- thwo thumbs up!!

DBR :devilish:



Almost $700 with shipping. It really cost me nothing because I sold the old Tidalforce parts off my bike for that. It comes with 4 different size drive rollers...made of wood beleive it or not. I only hit 50 once so far with a huge drive wheel on...doesn't have much low end torque but hauls! I switched down to the next size to get more takeoff power & now have a top speed of about 40.

DBR :devilish: