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    Hey guys, I just built my first motor assist bike and I'm lovin' it! I use it more as a commuter bike than a toy since my drivers license is suspended from speeding tickets. When building my bike, I wanted something more reliable than fast, I went with a 4 stroke so I can gas and go without dealing with push start and mixed fuel.

    In arizona our laws specify that as long as your bike is 48cc or less and operates under 20mph, it's considered a "bike" and we don't need all the crap we need for cars.

    I have occasional questions, like what kind of spark plug to use, should i gap it, fuel filters, jets, things like that, that aren't common knowledge, so I figured I'd sign up and become part of the community.

    This is not your average micargi 2 stroke cruiser that you'll see everywhere in Tucson. This is a crappy 700c touring bike with a 700c back tire and a 26 inch front tire. The bike sits pretty level despite the odd tires because I removed the rigid fork and put some suspension on it (Mostly for disc brakes and to save my hands on bumpy roads). I've got disc brakes on the front and pull brakes on the back, the combination lets me go from 20 to stop gracefully. When buying the tires, I got some cheap 20$ matching continentals, wide.

    In the future, I plan on moving the engine to a different frame, but I'm cheap and I'm picky, so time will tell.
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    Hey, this is Tony from Tucson. Great looking build. That must be a huge frame to fit the 4-stroke. I had to use a 26' cruiser. So if you see an old guy riding a blue and white cruiser with a banana seat and ape hangers around Oro Valley, it's probably me. Welcome to the insanity!
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    Welcome. It sounds like you know the laws. I hope you intend to follow them. Here in Phoenix, about 95% of riders do not. Most of them have illegal engines, exceed the MB speed limit, and ride recklessly. IN order for MB's to remain legal people have to follow the laws.

    What brand bike is that? I noticed it has a front disc brake. 2 things I would change asap is the chain tensioner and the rear rag joint sprocket mount. You can get nice spring loaded engine mount tensioners and clamshell rear sprocket mounts from eBay and other places that are 100% safer.