Kenda Flame tire max PSI

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by andyszyd, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. andyszyd

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    Hi everybody running roller drive.

    I just bought pair of Kenda Flame 2.125" tires to replace semi knobby original bike tires.

    Local bike shop guy says their max pressure rating is 40 Psi. However at this pressure tire feels underinflated and I have to push my BMP 1.25 roller way deeper than 1/4 inch to avoide slippage.

    Want to hear from anybody running those tires on a scrubber drive.

  2. loquin

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    There's no max pressure indication on the tire sidewall?

    Edit: Just went to their website. They have a single PSI listing there, at 40 PSI.

    I wouldn't think it would hurt to exceed that pressure by a bit, but, I wouldn't go more than 5 psi or so over. Maybe 10, after running at 5 for a while. Did you get the 2.6 inch, or the 3 inch width?
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  3. andyszyd

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    That was my tought also, I'll go 5 Psi more to 45.

    My Kenda size is 2.125. It says "inflate to 40 Psi" on the tire, nothing about "max" like my original tires indicate "40 to 65 Psi max".
  4. Youngbird

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    I have a set of Flames....26x3.00. I dont like the thin and flimsy sidewalls. I'd be real cautious about inflating them TOO much above recommended, but #50 should be OK!
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  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I've used several Flame tires on friction drive. Standard 40psi worked fine for me.Kenda Flame tires are harder rubber and don't deflect as much as cheaper softer Chinese tires.

    Tried to use bigger Flames. They wouldn't fit on one frame. on the other frame that fit, the tire was VERY tall. This gave an awkward angle on the friction drive, unless I would've extended the mounts.