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    Greetings Gentlemen,

    I'm not new to the forum, but I'm new to the Green Side!

    I've been off the forum quite some time after hurting myself in an MB crash. All my fault (ineffective front brakes, gravel on the road, came up on the turn too fast, down I went, broke my finger--OUCH!).

    Re-thinking what I want in alternate transport, I've decided I don't need 30 mph, gas, noise etc, but rather stealth, quietness, bike-path-ability (boy do those spandexers hate to see/hear a two stroker on the bike path, heh heh), lower speed, better slow-movability, for use over pretty short distances. I'm thinking an E-scooter.

    I was inspired by this video:

    Where these guys have mounted an electric hub motor on one of these "kickbikes":

    As a platform for motorization, however, I was a little more inclined towards this scooter:

    On account of its full suspension, and what looks to be a somewhat more rugged construction. Price appears to be a bit better as well.

    I've read some concerns about hub motors and the impact of torque on the axle and the problem of weakening aluminum forks (like these shock absorber forks?)

    I'm seeking input/ideas for a good motor, hub or other type, and other necessary gear for the build.

    Parameters are, these scooters weigh in the 18 to 25 pound range. I'm 180lb, and I'd like an 8 to 10 mile range, with up to maybe 20 mph top speed.

    Terrain is mostly flat, but there are a couple of good hills. I'm not morally opposed to helping the motor out with some human-assistance to lug my @ss up hill.

    I'd like to build a pretty clean looking machine, like the guys in the video, so I'd prefer to avoid the "car battery in an over-sized camera bag" look that some of these e-bikes go for -- ahhh, no offense to you e-commuters. ;-)

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations for this e-noob.


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