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    i have started to think of making a simple turnsignal system using some simple diode/led's but i'm not quite sure of how to get the turn signals to blink at the right frequency. i have very little electrical knowledge when it come to these things and i'm hoping there are someone here that can help.

    i have a turn signal relay for a 6v system that is used on an other bike it's 6 volt with 10 watt light bulbs.

    the diode/leds i'm gonna use is 6v 1W, so i figure i need a resistor of some sort. i have calculated that i need a 4 ohm resistor (all i have found this far is a 3.7 ohm)

    now the big question... do i need one resistor for each diode or can i use a 7.5-8 ohm resistor for two diodes(one for each side of the bike). if i'm able to use one resistor for two diodes couldn't i just use one resistor for the whole system and place it between the relay and the turn signal switch instead of between the turn signal switch and the diode?

    hope this makes sense to someone!

  2. Heathen

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    after doing some research and with some help from a friend i found all the info i needed.
    This is how i'm gonna set my electrical system up. A friend of mine crunched the numbers for me and it should work just fine.

    The headlight and rear light are for dynamo use, but should work fine of the engine. the headlight is a lymotec lyt sense plus and the rear light is a toplight flat s plus from Busch & Müller KG ( www.bumm.de) both led lights

    have ordered all the parts and will post to let you guys know if it is a success or not :)
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    Actually, if you pipe the the hot to the selector switch through a blinking LED of the same voltage as your indicator LEDs, you will find that the blinker will blink the series just like a Christmas Light string. You will not have to ballast as your indicator ballasting will carry it. I mount mine in the selector switch housing to act as an indicator- two birds with one stone. You will have to use a supressor spark plug or the flash becomes erratic.
    This is what I do- I've done four bikes this way and they are all perfoming flawlessly. See the sticky- I've not gotten into the turn signal indicator system yet, but it will be covered before the year is out, I promise
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    Where you have electronic flasher, substitute green 5mm flashing LED from Electronics Goldmine- and if you are running a rectifier off the white wire, do NOT ground your negative off the DC half of the system- keep the DC seperate
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    The flasher is specially made for led's so that should not be an issue, and yes the dc and ac systems will be separate system.
    i have always run a resistor (suppressor as you call it ) spark plug (ngk bR6hs) due to the bicycle computer goes haywire otherwise.

    I havent really decided yet if i'm gonna run the headlight/rearlight of the engine quite yet, if i can get hold of a hub dynamo with diskbrake mounting on it without ruining myself i would run it of the dynamo, which would make the lights go on even without engine start. and make the engine power available just for charging the battery.