Looking for 1983 Tanaka TOB-120 (outboard) parts

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    This is a long shot, but here it goes...

    My friend said I could have an old (1983?) 2 stroke Tanaka 120 (TOB-120, 22cc, 1.2HP) outboard motor that he recently re-discovered in his shed, perhaps to use on a future MB project.

    Supposedly the motor has very little run time on it, still has excellent compression, even after sitting for many years.

    The story goes that my friends dad lent it to someone years ago, it got dropped and the pull start, magneto cover (shroud) and ignition coil got damaged. These 3 parts are now missing, whoever must have taken them off.

    I read that these were good little motors that went on forever. I'm hoping that somebody on here might have a "parts" one kicking around, or maybe knows of a place that sells parts for them at a reasonable price. A bit of research shows me that these were sold as Tanaka TOB-12B, TOB-120, Sears 58513 / 58613, or Aquabug AOB-120. I would also think that some other motors that Tanaka made in that era might have parts that would interchange.

    The only part I did manage to find online was a new replacement coil, but for $98 I think I'll pass :goofy: If I cant find parts on the cheap I'll just leave it be.

    Here is a link to the motors parts manual:

    Thanks for any help.

    Dilly Bar Rob

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