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    thanks guy for the map...you see 190 there that will take you into Denham Springs where I live but if you catch it in Fla you can take the senic rout across bama and ms. coast from what I have been told they are re building beaureaguard (Jeff Davis home after the civil was) and they have re built a lot of the casinos in Biloxi as you go through LA you will go right through Abita springs ....190 will also take you the southern rout through TX and the TX coast is beautiful you will also meet some of the Min. men around Brownsvill, Neuavo Larado, and some of the other interesting places you want to rush through as the Mexican army likes to shoot across the boarder at the gringos with guns and grenade launchers (you never hear that on the NBC news or CNN) once you get into Ca you can take the coastel hwy north to wa an see augie up in that wet cold place.

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    I had sent a long diatribe about LA and even a xmas story and now it is no where to be found ......this site dose not like me :( :( :( cookie
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    found it

    Well I tried to load the map of LA but it "was not supported by the JP"
    But if you look on a map of LA you will see I-10 and it runs from coast to coast and a little road next to it is 190 perfect for a bike and it runs like I10
    across the southern USA from bikini beach through crawfish eatin to muscle beach.

    As you may have heard there is no gravity on LA roads they just suck!! I know some of the roads in N. O. where drawn out by Jim bowie when he was a few sheets to the wind and a lot of the streets's names had to be changed because of the "coarseness of the language" it must be a tradition for the city planners to play JIM BOWIE when they are planning out the city roads around here. On the back roads there are no shoulders just deep ditches and around here they think the break is connected to the horn, but then again they say HI with the horn and u sob with the horn so I just wave and smile when some one honks. The speed limit most think is a suggestion and most do not take it. But that is the bad about the roads and I will not get into the politics but this is the best third world country the US has.

    The people here are friendly and helpful in a personal way (if you are stuck along the road some one will offer to help) and will ask a million ?'s about the bikes the food if you like spicy is like no other but the best food is the home cooking for some reason the retraunts just tame it down to much in other words the coffee is strong and the food is HOT.
    BAMA send me your address and I will send some stuff up to you . U to Augie.

    Winters are mild down here and the summers are HOT and HUMID usually sweating will cool you off but not down here it get so humid the sweat will not evaporate so you learn to either love the AC or how to survive the heat you learn where the pressure points are to cool the body (pour cool water over your wrists before you pour it over your neck or you will pass out) or keep an damp bandana on your neck and wrist and that gator aid is ok but power aid is better and pickles will stop leg cramps better than bananas do.

    The scenery is awesome here you have long curving roads with oaks pines and Spanish moss in the spring mornings you ride and hear the birds singeing the small fish jumping white heron's fishing in the water filled ditches
    in some areas you see horses and cattle grazing and smell the honeysuckle and wisteria blooming wild blackberries and mustang grapes are all over the place and this is just out side any major city and people wonder why I like riding my bike in the mornings ...where I live I am about 1 block off 2 major roads but with the trees and all it is like living out in the rural area.

    The cost of living down here is lower then most places but then again you have to look at the average pay down here what I charge 52.$'s for here I would have to charge 100+ some where else one other thing is that LA is about 5 to 10 yrs. behind the rest of the country in a lot of things. But it is a easy pace not a hectic one. in some of the little towns when you first drive in you feel like you have just walked onto the set of DELIVERANCE with a coonie accent (coonass/french). One town I know of is south of Orleans the road is level with the swamp if you drive slow you will see red eyes looking at you (those are gators) and watch a nutra rat swim by the gator but not for any long distance and a little further down the road you see a 8 foot cottonmouth crossing the road and being you are on a bike you let MR. NO SHOULDERS just take his time (now you know why I wanted a good bright head light "WOMAN BIKER EATN BY COTTONMOUTH FILM AT 11" ). Then you get the aroma of something good wafting your way and all of a sudden your mouth starts watering so after Mr. No shoulders crosses the road you follow the aroma (or rather it grabs you by the nostrils and drags you) and you will find a restaurant / cedar shack you go in and the people are nice and treat you like long lost relatives you order what is cooking and you get a big plate of shrimp etufee, rice, home made biskest (the size of your fist) fresh green cooked with tosso (a pork meat) and Hot coffee enough for an army and you are it . Then you find out that "PAPA" is a retired NASA engineer.

    Welcome to Louisiana

    If you want I cana see if one of the local radio stations wants to intervew you when you come down
    Not all women wore love beads in the 60's
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    Pensacola to Baton Rouge 260 miles

    Pensacola to Baton Rouge 260 miles-

    Pretty much the full range of Katrina, eh? What percentage of gas stations and mom&pops are still "out of order"? I'm doing a tentative Mobile run at the end of January.

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    i do know that the highway 90 bridge from ocean springs to biloxi ms is still out. it is a long ride around it. hwy 90 is still probably a good way to get across the coast though.

    by the way. i'm from the gulf coast area so i'm much more familiar with that area than here around jackson :)
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    Where you been Itz? :p

    Bridge out, good to know...... :?

    Cookie was saying how my map looked "backtracky", that's the hassle of trying to FORCE MapQuest off the interstate system, I think MQ's sponsors must be that BigOil Mafia that controls the exit ramps.

    But the more I look at my route, it stays inland, which would be key to congregating for hurricane relief. Know any of these towns???