MDC Inspection Stations

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    Didn't even know that some states actually have these. Just hope it doesn't start spreading.


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    Illinois had annual inspections of light trucks for years and stopped requiring them except for medium duty trucks. I suspect that there was not enough mechanical failures of light trucks occurring to justify the annual inspections. When heavy trucks had a failure, it was more likely to be deadly. With motorized bikes that need a good running start to bend a car door; there would be all less public need to do inspections.
    I could speculate that out of state riders are not affected by the Vermont regulation provided they stay below 20 mph. Perhaps in state riders are also under the jurisdiction of federal law up to 20 mph as well. If a in state rider exceeds 20 mph, the state can impose their version of motor driven cycle definitions, requirements and penalties. I still have yet to see where any insurance company has been a player in providing liability coverage to engine modified bicycles if the rider is required to have it by law in the U.S.; even if the state gives them a VIN number.