White wire on my 100cc 2 stroke motor


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Feb 22, 2024
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So I've tested a few theories about the white wire so I hope some lots of to it grounded them to the motor and help them to the white wire and it won't start with it hooked up I checked the white wire with my meter and just got 18 volts coming out of it when it's crunk however when I hook the lights up to the wire and I was going they flickered on off really fast I'm not for sure if there's a lot that uses only the positive side without using the ground if there is then you may be able to use that wire for that light to have lights for your bike otherwise I don't see any other way cuz most likes have to be grounded
also I have hooked the white wire up to the red wire and ran it to the city I box and no change nothing's different.
Was wondering why the white wire was even there does anybody actually know the reason what is for I'm afraid if I was to try to charge a battery with it it would kill my motor
I've had to modify the frame add to it and take away in order for everything to work proper


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Yeah, the white wire is there for you to chop off.

One more recommended mod to your frame is a vertical support between the chain stays.
The white wire is pretty much useless. The idea is sound in theory, but it's splitting the current generated from the same winding which can weaken the ignition and cause running issues, all while not really being strong enough to generate useful power to properly run lights or charge a battery.