Mitsubishi TLE43 Owners Manual & Info

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    Here is one of the Technical papers describing the technology used in the Mitsubishi TLE engine series.

    The owners Manual is in both Japanese and English; the English portion begins on Page 17 (19th page of the PDF file.)



    Edit: Moondog pointed out that he had gotten a warning, when he tried to download the emissions control document. When I originally posted it here, I wasn't able to find the original location again, so uploaded the document(s) here.

    Here are the links to the original document locations at

    Thanks, moondog. :cool:

    Low Exhaust Emission System

    Engine Owners Manual (Japanese/English)

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    Also, in earlier research, I located some info that might prove helpful in tracking down parts.

    The TLE-43 is a Mitsubishi MEIKI Engine.

    In North America, engine and parts distribution is through:

    Mitsubishi Engine North America, Inc
    1250 Greenbriar Drive, Suite E
    Addison, IL 60101-1065

    Tel: 630-268-0750
    Fax: 630-268-9293
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    BTW. Just noticed that viza has TLE43 motors on sale for $188 (They also have the TLE33 (1.3 hp) motors for $165)

    Update - they're sold out of the TLE-43's. They still have 33's.
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    VIZA also sells Mitsubishi TLE43 engine parts. (They offer the TLE43 as an engine option on their V2 powered scooter)
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    Some folks have reported issues in opening the owners manual PDF. Attached is a graphics dump of the service interval page from the manual. Since the engine is often used in extremely dusty applications (weed eaters, blowers, etc.) some of the intervals could be adjusted to meet the needs for a bicycle application. The third and fourth items could probably be on a 10 hour inspection schedule, for instance.

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    It looks like the owners manual got damaged somehow, in the upload/save process at the MB server.

    Here's the link to it at my site.

    Hopefully, I'll be able to upload it as an attachment, also.

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    I've found a working drawing that shows how the mitsubishi 2 stroke TLE43 cc engine is put together.
    Might be useful to somebody who has taken theres apart, put it back together but still got three bolts left over! ;)

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    Does anyone know the peak torque and hp range of this engine?
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    After much searching, I found the following link which has curves for all the mitsu stuff. (Even though your post is dated last year...)


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    Walbro WYA series carbs are the 'double-barrel' carb for use with stratified scavenging engines.

    Walbro WYA-27-1 is the carb that's designated for use with the mitsubishi TLE43.

    ref (scroll down to the WYA series)
    and here's the PDF version

    I don't know if these carbs offer any improved performance or not. They may be just replacement carbs.

    Spark Plug
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    That was a good find, Bob. The file is pretty big, though. I've pared off all the stuff except the TLE series, which makes the file quite a bit smaller.

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    Nice find thanks, best I've seen, downloaded.
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    The Walbro WYA series carbs are used with the TLE series engines.

    I located Walbro's service manual for this carb.

    If Walbro's site is down or blocked, you can download the manual from this site instead. (below)

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    Genuine TLE43's for $235

    EDIT EDIT EDIT I was informed that this source no longer has these engines for sale - unfortunately, he's left the page at this site, so, I've removed the link here...
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