modifying a motorcycle tail light...

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    Modifying a motorcycle tail light... This light is designed to run at one brightness as a running light and then at a brighter brightness as a brake light... if I were using a motorcycle wiring harness, I am sure it would be wired up to work like that, but I am building my own system. That means I am adding LEDs to be the running lights while the bright center light will be the brake light (I might even adde a relay to make it flash, but I haven't decided). The yellow piece of plastic is actually a cut-up DVD case painted yellow and will fit inside beneath the bulb. (if I had been thinking, I would have used a white DVD case, but I JUST thought of that... I guess I still have time to change that...)


    I am going to mount this to the rear fender with a bent corner brace, and there will also be turn signals-- I just finished painting the chunk of PVC pipe that they will be sprouting out from.

    The brake light switch is built in to the brake lever I am using-- I think it is off of a 1970's Yamaha (eBay). Using a generic motorcycle switch unit that controls headlight, turn signals, and horn.

    more pictures to come as things get assembled (I can't find the rest of the LED lamps, so I have to order more before I can complete the LED panel that gets fitted into the tail light... I am sure I will find the missing ones an hour after I place the order for the new ones...)

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    they do sell 1157 led bulbs are some on ebay
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    I got the bulbs I have from eBay in the first place, and they came in a pack of twenty... I just can't physically find more than those six in my house right now, and I don't know where the rest went... :-/

    I've ordered more... but I am still hoping to find the rest of the ones that I do actually have... somewhere around here...
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    well thats a bummer you misplaced those LEDs but once you get it all together it should be pretty sweet :)
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    that is the very bulb that I am using in the existing tail light socket, but I don't have the wiring to brighten it and dim it as I apply and release the brakes. So, the LEDs I am adding will be wired to be the running tail lights and the existing bulb will be wired to the brake light lever switch (still thinking about adding a flashing relay)
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    I used a motorcycle control unit on the last trike I built. It worked out great. I also hooked up the choke cable lever to the carb so no more choke vibrating into the CHOKE position.
    Big Red.
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    I'm just going with what I know... I'm also thinking of adding another light fixture, something that will ride higher on the fender (there is a spot and hardware for a reflector). If I add in another fixture, I can decide to make that an additional brake light or make that a flashing running light... without having to "redesign" what the wiring is going to be... it's more wires, but it's not more designing...
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    the dim is running/headlight circuit
    the bright is brake light circuit
    nothing is being dimmed
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    led bulbs do not work with a standard flasher ....
    not enough draw to heat the element inside the flasher to make them flash

    to make brake light circuit work use a Ebike brake lever with the switch in the lever
    much cheaper then using honda moped levers

    if you need it i can hunt down a wiring diagram for you to make it easy
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    OK... there are two nodes on the bottom of the bulb. There are two wires that connect to each of those nodes... When I touch either of those wires to the positive connection of the battery I have-- nothing happens. When I complete the circuit by touching a wire to the side of the bulb and back to the negative connection of the battery, the light comes on-- BRIGHT. NO matter which of the two nodes on the bulb I touch it comes on at the same intensity. Maybe that isn't how it's "supposed" to work, but that is what I have.

    That is why I am modifying what I have by adding a second set of LEDs that will be running on their own circuit.

    And I already have a brake handle with a brake light switch. Bought it about a year ago. But that's a useful link if for some reason the switch I have fails (it IS used.)
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    side of the bulb is negative
    one lump will be running lights the other will be brake/turn
    best way to tell would be to use jumper wires one will out shine the other thats the brake light side
    if give me a about half hour i can tell ya witch is witch on a standard bulb
    there is 2 little metal studs on the side of the bulbs that are at differnt heights
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    ok...looking at the bulb with the shorter of the studs that hold the bulb facing you the brake light element is the one to the left
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    one stud isn't SHORTER, but one is definitely closer to the bottom of the bulb...

    and in my not-terribly-scientific test (turn on the bathroom light, connect one configuration to the battery, shut off light; repeat with other configuration) they look like the same brightness... (the bulb is 20 something individual LED lamps, and they all come on at the same time with both connections)
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    yeah thats what i mean by shorter
    what did you use to test the light?
    regulated power supply or FULLY charged battery?
    remember a led is a light emmiting diode
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    like I said, I'm going with what I have and what I know... battery + wires + lamps = tail light. I don't have a regulating power supply...
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    this is what i do for work...boss hates wiring bikes as in motorcycles mostly pre 1975 british

    regulated power supply is just something like a battery charger but puts out 13.8 volts dc and plugs in the wall..... very usefull for testing 12 stuff without the need for a battery on your bench
    its all switches bits of wire and bulbs just used in the right order and places