Modifying the exhaust (56k no) ( welding included)

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by impression, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. impression

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    ok so, i changed to a larger muffler on the back of my expansion chamber which led me to lose 50% of the power in my bike.... Not good. So after a bit of a chat to some guys on these forums ( you know who you are :D ) I got to work

    this is what i was greeted with when i cut it open...

    Needless to say it was a bit restrictive so i set out to fix that...

    and here we have some new sound dampeners to be put in



    and there we go

    Now to business....

    Some of my welding gear ill be using with this

    and the end cap inner pipe ( new) ...


    and here it is cut down

    going for the test fit

    and got it into place and taped it up for welding

    and here we are

    now i forgot to take pics of me fabricating the tether but here's what it looks like welded on

    and the finished product so far

    Needless to say i need to borrow a mate's angle grinder and trim the edges so to speak and after that i'll be painting it.

    Yet to test, i guess that will happen on the way to class in 8 hours :p

    i'm off to sleep... Night
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  2. gothicguy64

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    if it doesnt work u can have my rse (modded stock ) or for 20 my poo poo long
    the rse is both loud and fast but u get more bottom an mid with the poo poo

  3. ddesens

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    I'd love to hear how you made out with your fix!--Dave
  4. impression

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    Bike works beautifully.

    estimated speed now is 60km/h ( keeping up with traffic on a 60km/h road) on the flat 41t sprocket NT-speed carby Rock Solid 66cc engine.

    I now want a 36t sprocket so badly