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    Sorry if in wrong place but just did not know if here or in general talk. So here goes. Very soon I am going to start my next project which will consists of a low stretch frame and maybe converted to trike. I would like to know which engine is more favorably used for builds in the four strokes offered? I intend to jack shaft it to a gear setup also. Not looking for speed just reliable and somewhat strong. Going to make a looker out of it and being somewhat long in the tooth myself probably will be a trike. Thanks for any input and I realize they are all good products and not promoting one over the other so to speak, well you guys know what I mean. Any dealers out there can privately post me and it too will be appreciated. Thanks gphil

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    The most common 4-stroke used is the Huasheng 49cc, but lately some people have been using the Predator 99cc.
    The Huasheng is a "legal" engine, being it's 49cc and 2HP, but the Predator is cheaper and makes nearly twice the power without governor.

    Either engine is strong and reliable, being largely based on Honda industrial/commercial engines with iron cylinder liners.
    A friend of mine is building a trike with Predator 99cc and CVT as we speak. With a CVT, you don't really need gears, and there are none readily available for the 49.
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    I would go with the HF99cc if the over 49 cc doesnt bother you.
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    Thank you very much guys. Rather than fuss with the law, I would just go ahead and legalize. But being is such a small community I don't think it would be noticed much. One reads so much on this site that confusion sets in on which way to go and still remain within a reasonable budget. Get too much invested might as well go purchase a new unit. I had rather build. Thanks once more. gphil
  5. The most commonly used 4 stroke is not the Chinese HS 49cc engine. It is a fairly recent engine. The Honda 35, Robin Subaru 35, and the Honda 50 are still the most common 4 cycle engines used on motored bikes. The Honda 35, 50, and the RS 35 are all high quality engines that will last you for years if used sanely and maintained properly. Both 35s are actually 33.5 cc engines with about 1.6 horse power. They are legal in almost every jurisdiction that limits engine size or power. The Honda 50 is rated at 2.2 horse power and is legal many places, but not in places that limit power to 2 horses or less or engine size to 49cc or less. The 50 is built to run at one speed, so some finagling with removing the governor/setting up the carburettor and throttle wil be required. If you are legal with 50cc and 2.2 hp and want the extra oomph, it is worth the finagling. The HF49 seems to be a fairly good engine, as Chinese built engines go, but the Japanese engines have unquestioned quality, reliability, long, trouble free life expectancy, and are very quiet right out of the box. The one drawback to the Japanese 35 engines is that they both cost a bit over $200.00, the Honda 50 even more. The old saying, "You get what you pay for", applies here. Quality costs more, but pays for itself over time.
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    (yes, the fuji imvac IS a robin subaru, not a copy, if the sticker in my friends subaru saying "manufactured by fuji heavy industries" is anything to go by...)


    in that order.

    the huasheng is a good budget engine, but parts are hard to comeby, so far, and reliability can be a concern. ive killed a 49 already. less than 2000 on it... and i have NEVER seen an engine develop the kind of carbon buildup it had! which is what killed it actually... hard glassy coke that followed a "swirl" pattern from (to?) the exhaust port... needed a hammer and chisel getting it off!
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    if treated right,,,the HS is very reliable :)
    I have 16,000+ miles on mine and have never done anything but change the oil every 250 miles ;)
  8. HeadSmess, Subaru is the car building branch of Fuji Heavy industries and Robin is the small engine branch of Subaru. Like Chevrolet is part of General Motors. Fuji Heavy Industries is a very large company in Japan that builds large ships, bridges, buildings, big trucks and construction equipment, roads, huge diesel engines, and so forth as well as cars under the Subaru name. I think they got into building small engines when they bought Wisconsin Engine's Robin micro engine division. I wish I knew what all they bought from Wisconsin. It might have been anything from just the Robin name, to the complete division including engines, designs, machinery, etc.
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    The GX35 is 35.8cc not 33.5
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    there is no general motors anymore!

    (who reaaally won the war? i rarely see american or english cars i notice...)
  11. No General Motors? Last time I checked there is still a corporation calling itself General Motors that still builds Chevrolets(and Buicks and Cadilacs and Allison transmissions and Saginaw steering boxes etc etc etc etc) We won WWII, but the US car industry lost the competion for the US consumer by building s**tty junk in the late 70s and early 80s, while the Japanese learned to build high quality, reliable cars. That's called free enterprise. GM has survived and now is again building good quality cars, thanks to a government bailout, just as we did with Chrysler. As to English cars, I see Rover SUVs nearly every day. The rest don't seem to compete well here since British-Leyland tried to ruin the English car industry by building nothing but junk. I can still remember when Triumphs, MGs, Morris, and Austins were fairly common here.
  12. There is no more General Motors GM now stands for Govt. Motors :rolleyes7:
    I have been looking at the Honda 50 and and old school B&S edger motor I think is 3H.P. (over 49cc). I do have a HF (blue) 50cc motor still in the box and yet to be run.