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    I have this older Schwinn 24" single speed cruiser that I am trying to mount the Jet 80 (kingsmotorbikes) engine in. The problem is that the "V" frame is just a bit too wide, so I am in need of an extension bracket of some kind. Any ideas as to where I could find one? I would rather not weld or drill on the frame...don't want to destroy a good old bike!

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    Thanks for the info...looks like what I have been searching for! How did yours work out for you? If your read the reviews for this bracket, which are posted on the Sick Bike Parts website, they are not so good...
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    ive got one they work fine
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    I am very happy with it. Have not looked at the reviews there, can not imagine what people are unhappy with.
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    really nice looking mounts, but...
    that's a lot of coin !!!
    not cost effective to most users tho
    it is almost twice what my last replacement 2stroke engine cost
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    Get yourself a good piece of real hard wood and carve it with a dremel!
    Take the wood down slow until it fits.
    I found 6mmX20 threaded bolts at Value for under $5.00!
    Notice the U clmap backing arround the back side of frame. Sorry the pic aint better. If you need further help just ask.

    My 200 dollar solution:

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    I know thats why I built my own... I used my red barron that I had laying around. I have about $900 in it including the bike... same bike $1600 cheaper. I would asume the reason they are so expensive is that the tank is sealed (A ton of labor from what I have read), which frees the rider from worrying about where to place the tank.

    I will post some pics when I get home on mon.
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    I like this, wish I would have thought of that before I ordered the mounts... great idea.
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