First build, happy to find a place with so much wisdom!

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Today's update. Cable ends come in tomorrow but I ran and squared away as much cable as I could. I will definitely need to weld the kits sprocket on the 18t fixie sprocket to get it going. After the sprocket is corrected and I put the end cap on the clutch and throttle cables I should be ready for testing.

Any opinions on what to do with all the open space above the engine? I do not want a larger engine but am considering a larger fuel tank.
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Make a rectangular tank that straps below the frame tube. That will give it an early motorcycle look
Slight update, I found out my rear inner tube is completely compromised so I cannot test it. I did however fit check the new tank, rewrap the handlebars (although I forgot to purchase the finishing tape) and I have been adjusting and tidying up what I can.

Should I be concerned about not all of the bolts fitting on the rear sprocket? The lacing has prevented those two from being compatible with the bolt holes.

Tips, suggestions and comments on the new tank or overall build are welcome. Happy weekend!