About me/ Avenger 85 questions

For sure, although I'm very mechanically inclined I am by no means a know-it-all, I always like to get a second opinion. I didn't know it was that reliable. Definitely going to get one if I have the money. If not, I'll probably go with this: Thoughts?

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I have this engine and it's amazing.


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I have blew one up previously for not properly breaking it in. I was running 40:1 from the start which is too lean. Keep in mind this was my fault so I expected noting from the owner of California Motors and happily ordered another. He suggested running 20:1 break-in 300-320 miles. 32:1 after. Right now I'm on my 5th 2.5L tank of gas refresed today. That's roughly 10 litres of gas mixed 20:1 using half semi-synthetic Lucas & half semi-synthetic Maxima Super M. These were the two best oils i could gets my hands on locally. I'm going to be switching to Maxima Scooter Pro M synth blend after these trails.

I haven't accounted the odometer unfortunately since I haven't tunned my odemeter from ym Fake Felter onto this bike. I need to calculate how many miles I get from each 2.5l tank soon! I personally had to ask the seller of California motors why his manual stated 16:1 break-in. He jumped straight to suggesting 20:1 break-in and 32:1 seasoned.

I don't really see this hurting as this is more oil. But he suggested 20:1. If you read about the Phantom 85 v3, their the same guidelines... which I haven't broken in mine yet... I'm waiting on a new carb... :(. mine came with a defective one. Hasn't even started!