avenger 85 vs phantom 85

The phantom will over-heat or the crank needle bearings will fail at high speeds!
I hope I can get it. It's a pretty rare bike and their only asking 200. It's in great shape, and I should be able to afford it in a week or 2. If the guy still has it then I will go pick it up. The only problem is it's about an hour away from me
I hope you can get the bike it would make a great build I would also wanna see it when it’s done
I hope you can get the bike it would make a great build I would also wanna see it when it’s done
I hope so too. If I do I wanna replicate an indian scout. I haven't decided if I want to patina the build or make it pretty. I will probably patina it so I am.not afraid of taking it around and scratching the paint
Most of us here don't have enough knowledge or first hand experience with the Avenger to really give you an answer.

Engine vs. Engine, the Phantom is prone to running hot, but if not pushed hard everywhere will be just fine. I've been running around with mine for over a year and it's still running. No needle bearing failures or meltdowns to speak of. Mine is also a needle bearing V2, aka V2.1. The V3 has a good track record of reliability, especially compared to the previous generations.

THe Avenger looks to be a good engine and will likely run cooler due to more fins and fin area. Since no other useful information has been released on how much power it makes, or head temp data based on how it is ridden, I can't speak to how it runs.

I think you would like either engine in the long run.

Without more information and knowledge on the Avenger I can't give a fair comparison. Buying the Phantom through B-E will also give you a level of warranty coverage not offered from most other vendors. They do honor their warranty as well - speaking from personal experience.
Any one else bought the BT 100 V2 ?? Was a bit rough going through the break in process, still kinda rides rough.


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