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Nov 18, 2023
Hey guy most of you know what Ive been thru with my bicycle. I wanted to run this by ya'll so I could get an opinion and or advice. That avenger crank case is junk so I tore it apart to have the parts and while I was at it I felt confident to crack the case of my zeda 100 to clean out possiable crap in there. Heres the question I aquired another phantom 85 cyilinder and a got a hwyman ms460 piston in theory I could take the avengers crank shaft and install it on my zeda 100 crankcase and run my phantom 85 cyilinder and my piston yes? No? Oh I hope all has been well with all of ya'll
Yes, you can absolutely swap the parts around. As was mentioned, you will need to check for crank play and shim as needed, and check to make sure the piston isn't going to smack the head and set your squish gap however you desire it to be. The bottom ends are pretty much all the same, but the rod lengths can differ between some engines a little, so it's always good to make sure that all parts will play nice together when you start swapping around the adult lego pieces.
Thanks guys,I did swap out the cranks but Im not going to use it. Im going to try to elimenate as many paths to failure that I can so I decided to play it safe and I ordered a phantom 85 bottom end from bicycle engines..com. This question is for @ImpulseRocket Im still going with the ms460 piston and its a hyway piston have you heard any positives or negatives about using one?