avenger 85 wrist pin

It's the Engine Gods having you misplace you piston to give you some time to think about your project so you don't make any foolish assembly mistakes, Take this time to do some research
A very acceptable explanation then this shall it be for I have come up with a solution to my issues. Well done sir.
If somebody with an avenger 85 can measure the width of the stock one it wouldn't be hard to match it up.

If this is true then it would definitely be a good option. Or, with measurements we could confirm if a Stihl 046 wrist pin may work.
California motor bikes emailed me back and the piston come with the pin and ring. If that's the case it should be hear tomorrow they got the fastest shipping I've ever seen.
Man my dumb a$$ lost the whole damn thing I've looked high and low its like the old books the borrowers took it. I'm amazed at my own stupidity some times lol.
You know I lost that little ball bearing behind the rod that pushes against the clutch...it rolled into the grease container and I found it 3 weeks later after ordering a new one and getting ready to grease it up and put it in 😑