Avenger 85 with CDH67 exhaust


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Nov 9, 2023
Morristown TN
Well guys I'm gonna go thru with it and weld the avenger stock exhaust flange on the CDH67 pipe this weekend. Also got a new bike for my other motor, wc80 (ported), gonna take that red paint off and paint it a midnight blue. Change the handlebar, add brakes, better tires, ECT. It's a good solid steel frame. Got it on Facebook marketplace for 65 bucks. I'm putting the avenger on the Kent bayside and adding a bunch of upgrades as well. Hoping the avenger will run good with the G2 reed valve and windowed with CDH67 exhaust. Can't wait to get riding soon? Will be using them for transportation to work. Takes 45 minutes to get there... Oh and one question, if I use the rims that came with the old Murray cruiser, which seem really good, straight and true could I use a hub adapter? The hub is 1.50


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Yes, you can use a hub adapter, there are plenty of them out there for a 1.5 inch hub. I was impressed with my CDH hub adapter. As long as the two halves don't actually come together fully when the bolts are tightened it should be fairly secure. To help prevent it slipping you can key the surfaces with a little light sanding and use loctite retaining compound (I like 638 as it has the strongest shear strength). Just give it 24 hours to cure.

As for the pipe, I too am looking forward to see how it performs. While not perfect for it, I bet it will do well with the Avengers higher rpm power peak.
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