Replacing wrist pin needle bearing


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Sep 24, 2023
Lexington, SC
So I purchased some higher quality e clips and what I thought was the correct wrist pin bearing from last week and it just came in today. I removed the original wrist pin with the needle bearings in it and compared it to the one I got in the mail and it is shorter by about 2 mm and I'm wondering if anyone on here could tell me if I am able to use this or not. It seems to be the correct diameter. it seems to have the correct number of rollers in it. it's just that it's a little too short. I'm attaching pictures for comparison


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The e clips they sent me are on point tho. Highly recommend this upgrade. Easy to install also!


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You can use it

You'll just have to shim the sides

I suggest using Aluminum or Bronze washers
If the washers are too thick, sand em down until they're the correct thickness

But looking at the size difference One washer on each side should be just right
I'm not sure what you even mean by all that so that tells me that it's obviously out of my area of ability. In the end I decided to use the original wrist pin bushing and install the upgraded wrist pin clips and they went in very smoothly
Oh I know what you mean now. I don't have any aluminum or bronze washers anywhere close to that size or any at all as a matter of fact. And I also don't see much of a difference in the quality of the material used to make it so I think I'm just going to leave the original wrist pin bushing in the way it is with the new wrist pin clips
Well at least I know I'm making good decisions over here. Thank you all for your advice & input. I'm currently in the middle of putting it all back together. Just need to finish tapping the holes for the studs bc someone at the assembly line was apparently in a rush smh