2 stroke engine pre install


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Nov 18, 2023
Hey guys I've got two 2 stroke waiting for me when I got home this evening one is a zeda 100 firestorm the other is the California motor bikes WC avenger the Phantom 85/yd100 killer. It's a long story how I got two engines but I'm very new to the hobby hopefully learn as I go the plan is I'm going to take my time and do the mods and upgrade the zeda firestorm for another bike later the WC avenger will go on the bike I hope I get tomorrow. My question is is the any pre install work I need to do do a flush on it with gas the top is off the engine grease anything? Some guidance would be much appreciated. Oh yeah I email the person a California motor bikes and asked him about the oil gas mixture for break in is 24:1 and I'm using 87 octane etonol free and mixing it with Valvoline non synthetic oil. Sound about right?
For your avenger run 20 to 1 full conventional for 300 miles then switch to full synthetic at 25 to one. For your zeda, same thing, but brake in mix is 25 to one and after is 32 or 36 to 1.

Grease the bucking bar and clutch gears with some red n tacky (or other grease that won't sling off) I swapped clutch pads to the black and white ones because the red ones suck. You should also wash the bottom end out a few times with some premix, lube the jugs before setting putting them on. Also pull the reed block apart and spray it out with carb clean and check the plastic thing that holds the reed for plastic blocking them. Use blue loctite on all the bolts and gap the coil with a business card. This is everything I have done with my Phantom that I find necessary, I have some other stuff I did that isn't necessary.