Two Stroke Initial Pre-Mix Question

When we were talking to you it was about breakiin oil and then using synthetics AFTER breakin...We were NOT talking about high or low QUALITY of oil in these postings your pointing at.

We are talking about not cheapening out on QUANTITY of oil so as not to burn out motors.

What we are NOW just discussing is QUANTITY of oil being use...Oil/gas ratio...TOTALLY different thing.

Reading is fundamental, go back and re-read it where we are talking ratio's, QUANTITY, NOT QUALITY in this case.

This has nothing to do with so-called "BEST OIL"...Which by the way, no such thing as the very best.

I really start getting very pissed off about this stupid "Best Oil" crap that keeps coming up.

If you read this thread below, you will note exactly how pissed I get about the abject stupidty of people blindly following brand loyalties and saying this is best or that is best with zero lab analysis reports to back up their BS.

READ this thread below...This is the guy you can blame for my lack of tolerance on this subject...Oh, that's right, you can't...He's been deleted...Some dogs just refuse to let go of the bone.

Oh, I get it now. The priority is Quantity, not Quality.
It lives! fresh fuel, fiiter, plug, tubing, & tuned. My 15 year old Tanaka Pure Fire purrs like a kitten! 50:1 mix. No smoke, 2 stroke.
Geez, I love this engine. 1/2 of my 2 whl Prius is now fully functional. The 750w .Baf-mid is installed, pain-stakingly routed,
I'm just procrastinating hooking up the battery. Still dialing the solar trailer a bit, but it works. In good sun it equals
a 2 amp charger.
Still need to lube bike bearings, have put on new derailleur & shifter, all new cables, brake pads, fresh clutch pads & spring washers.
Ordering more spare belts just in case.
Oh, I get it now. The priority is Quantity, not Quality.
It should be about both.
Not what I was told.
Use a good quality low or no ash 2 cycle conventional oil for breakin such as the one I always use for breakin...Valvoline 2 cycle multi-purpose conventional oil...After breakin, I always use Amsoil Dominator full synthetic 2 cycle oil.
WRONG, you WERE told to use good quality oils, one for breakin, and one for after the breakin period with a good full synthetic like Amsoil or whatever..

And we have also told you, as well as others stop being cheap on the Quantity of oil as well and to not skimp on it.
well I have run these Chinese engines and I run them 50 to 1 mix ratio from the beginning to the end
Glad it worked for ya, but you will never catch the more "seasoned" among us here ever recommend such little oil for our motors...Oil is not only for lubrication but also for cooling purposes and some of the newer motors put out today are running higher heat levels then previous engine generations.

HOW MUCH CLEARER DO I HAVE TO MAKE ANY OF THIS...Does anyone understand the proper English language spelling, comprehension, and meaning of words any longer ???????????????????????????

And lets not forget this attempt !!!