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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by johnsteve, Feb 10, 2016.

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    So i have a chinagirl motor and a new GTA frame. I just notices that the mounting holes do not match up with the holes in the frame mount. What to do aside from a new frame or a new motor?

    The holes in the frame are about 2 and 3/8 (6mm) and the studs on the motor are about 2 and 3/4, or about 42mm. What to do ?

  2. sbest

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    Hmmm, your math doesn't add up.
    Converting your inch measurements figures at 65 and 70mm.
    Slot the holes. Use a small round file or plug the hole and redrill it, then file to clean.
    Use flat washers under your bolts and nuts.
    Skilled modifiers do it all the time...

  3. johnsteve

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    Got it sbest. I was thinking there would be an aftermarket product or something. I just hate to drill into the frame, but it looks like that is what I will have to do. I was just wondering what everyone did here.

    Now that you mentioned it, I guess the measurments must have been a typo. 2 and 3/8 is deffiinetly not 42 mm. Dont know what happened there. I guess I should pay more attention to my typing.

    thanks for the no nonsense answer to my question.
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