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    I've been looking around on Craigslist near me and there are some crazy prices on regular bikes.... I understand you have to make a profit because I sell my bikes too but I try to have the best product I can for the cheapest price! I've sold about 10 MB's each one better than the other, the most I've ever sold one for was 375$ because that was one cool bike!!! And it was also rare because it was a Heavi-duti Chicago Schwinn, very dependable also!

    So the ultimate question? What is something like this worth??? Truly??? I feel like making 100$ on each build is fair, so that's where I get my prices. Add up all the parts then add 100$.
    I have a board track racer that I have about 500$ in so I thought about asking 625$ish? That feels like a lot for such a small market

    Any thoughts????

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  2. KellT

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    depends on what it is.

    I see you're using china girls. Standard kit tanks. The restoration is gonna be a lot more. The big bucks are probably in vintage reproductions. If you drive it and someone thinks is an old indian or harley or board tracker theyll pay appropriately if they think you restored it. I've seen ppl around here selling china-mart bikes with kits slapped on for $500 and some sucker buys it. They had one which was an older 90s schwinn beach cruiser for $750. Just a regular cheapo kit. And someone bought it. It depends where you are and what you have and your skill I guess.
  3. I would pay a couple hundy for tht
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    Kmart mb bike $70 engine kit $120 .takes about 1 and a half hour to Bild .I sell them for $350 .The mam at the motorcycle Shop charges $60 per hour just to look at a bike .so don't rip your self off

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    Huevos grande.
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    it is similar in my area, so I don't build often - I do well as just a repair shop

    my better builds go at about $600, and take 4 to 6 months to sell

    my cheap builds go for $425 which is still high for this area, and go in 2 or 3 months

    as a repair shop, folks know I do better build even on the cheap ones and that even if they get hit by a truck, I will fix it for them at a lower than usual rate just because they bought from me

    also get some buyers that tried the $299 - $350 bikes and found them lacking
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    How many hours are you putting in replacing the junk tyres, brakes, brake levers, pedals, chain, then truing the wheels, greasing all bearings, generally making sure that the bikes weren't screwed together by a guy in the store room using power tools?

    a $70 bike from these places needs a ton of work, and that's just if you're going to use them every day as a pedal bike.
  8. skyash

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    Never had to Meany problem s general check over the bike put the kit on test it fix the bugs done .The cheapest bikes have a standard or Kmart can't sell them.yes things wear out in 6 months the bike can be in bits by then. but a bit tlc along the way can get years out of it maybe 10 years if you do pedaling speed lol.for the price its perfect .then when it wear's out I charge them to fix it
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    "A standard"

    The standard is an uninformed parent buys it for the child, and the wheels don't fall off and the brakes squeeze the rims. That's all. They are no good at being bicycles. Honestly a lot of those bikes should be legislated out of existence, anything with plastic brake levers or sheet steel "brakes" is a deathtrap, not even talking about the mismatched chain and freewheels, or brake outers used for shifter cables, or any one of a hundred cheapskate moves on these things that makes them work terrible.
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    Just for sake of fairness I went to kmart website found the cheapest bike for an adult male they sell.

    $89.99 and you get:

    - plastic brake levers that flex and waste energy, making braking harder, and are prone to cracking and snapping off if your bike falls over in the cold.
    - sheet steel brake calipers, that look like the worst of the worst. Even old weinman 730s from the 70s are better and less prone to flexing.
    - steel rims, so if you ride in the rain, the brakes don't work at all!
    - painted rims, so your brakes don't work consistently (I wouldn't say reliably, just consistently) even when they're dry, until the paint wears off.
    - plastic derailleurs, for all the people who're nostalgic for simplex gears exploding and jamming the back wheel in the 70s.
    - one peice crank, which is a technology I thought died out with "electro forged" schwinns.

    Honestly that's even worse than I thought, and its $20 more than you said you buy new bikes for. Man this thing wouldn't even be legal in England it's that much of a deathtrap. The brake setup on this thing looks so bad it'd be easier to slow down by taking your shirt off and using it as a parachute.

    I'm not exaggerating when I say I never seen such a bad bike on sale in the modern world before. It'd be looked at bad even in the 80s.
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    I only get mb from them 18 speed alloy rims .I have metal brake handles and thay brake .I admit no bike is good enough. a bmx looks like it's from the movie ET . all old school but New is $2500 where does it stop .for $350 Iam selling a good bike that will do its job you can pedal it for 12 months with no trouble .its a bike not made to fly around on with a motor .so when sh*t go's bad you look back and say Hay it did its job till now for $350 ready to go just 1 month is worth it .plus all the fun you get . when kids come back with there bike in half it always there fault not the bike .thay Whent to fast to stop didn't bother to adjust there brakes or do up the back wheel when it comes undone .The bike you mentioned is a piece of junk thay are making old looking bikes because that's what's in at the moment thay never New you would put a motor on it .here's what I get not that old man thing.

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