motors for Greenspeed trike?

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    I am a retired guy. I spend my time in my hobbies of aquarium keeping, self contained touring, photography, and flying. I enjoy sharing my experiences with young people.

    Lately I have been working with a number of scouts who are planning a 48 state bicycle tour. They are trying to get me to go with and are proposing putting me on a Greenspeed GTE with a motor assist.

    Any thoughts and recommendations will be deeply appreciated. Their plan is a 400 day self contained unsupported tour of the lower 48. 5 guys two gals and maybe me? Their equipment are traditional two wheelers, Trek 520's, Surley Long Haul's, a 1960's Raleigh several others. one has a BOB, another a Burley flatbed, the rest are panniered.

    f I do the Greenspeed Idea, how should I order it geared, braked and wheeled? what motor kits should I look at?

    Brand new to this site so I look forward to any advice and counsel!

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    Hey Phantom, Your right to consider a recumbent trike. I'm also a little older and riding a two wheeler for any distance is hard on an older gent. Al Fisherman might be just the man you're looking for. He has a ton of experience with the recumbents. I've built a couple of trikes but I'm not as learned as a lot of guy's on this site. I'm sure you will get all the help and advice you'll need to get one together.
    Welcome to the site,
    Big Red.
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    For any such ride, I would not completely throw out the upright bikes. If you can still balance, and you're more worried about your rear... there are ways around that...


    I would never typically recommend that someone purchase the Relax 2 from that German company, but it is THE MOST comfortable of them all (if you have a suspension bike). If you ride no suspension, then either the Gyles leather saddle w/ springs or the Manta Saddle from BlueHerbs in the UK will make your bum feel very happy.

    Just saying.... only you could know how well you can balance. But any of those three seats would make you very happy on a ride across America.

    Add some good brakes, the best tube & tires with liners on both sides of the tubes.

    Also.... I'd consider going Nuvinci if you want chain. And, obviously, going GEBE if you want belt. The GEBE could be hassle free (never tried, but *do* want), but the Nuvinci would help you out incredibly on the hills, which you're sure to face.

    Good luck!!