Ms460 carb help.

Update: I've add a new base gasket to the bottom and put a thin-ish layer of gasket maker around it to hopefully give it some more resistance to being flooded out. Also put a layer of gasket maker on my jug this time instead of the copper plate so it'll actually seal right this time. So far looks like it's gonna work just have to wait till tomorrow for it to cure and set.
I mean it’s not big for mine but this is what mine looks like.

I have an idea to make a custom flange for an exhaust just trace the gasket seems to work pretty good as a base spacer. Only problem is I can’t weld on my life and better yet I don’t have a welder (yet). And in all honesty I’m just looking for the thing to hit 50 mph. I was terrified going 40 already. I mostly built this for fun and because these saw a ridiculous on bottom end power. Carried me up a pretty steep hill with no help on petals.

Edit: So I just did the math for it and yeah I need 10k rpm for 50+ mph ._.
You're using the wrong plug. This isn't going to help anything.
Ok so I’ve waited for the gasket maker to cure annnd it’s not starting anymore. Like not even a quick little burst anything. I check spark and I have it. Definitely have compression. And I’m pretty sure I’m getting fuel. No idea what changed I put it back together the exact same way.
You're using the wrong plug. This isn't going to help anything.
I've tried using 3 plugs already. An ngk, the one that came with the cylinder that was working fine up until now, and one I had laying around. Bike still isn't running for seemingly no reason.

Edit: just took the cylinder apart again and apparently black rtv doesn’t stick to copper so I was basically having one big air leak.
either At 4 and 8 o'clock on the clutch plate in this here pic there should be a screw in one of those holes. Just back off the flower nut until the notch lines up over a hole.
Also just wanted to ask, but does anyone know about a Nikasil coated cylinder and piston or something like that SUPPOSEDLY Smolik used it in his and it made 16.5 hp. I was reading around and some "claims" that they can make 10hp (No porting which I found odd) and with a good pipe and carb can rev up to 14k and that's on a bike. Also I watched another video about these Frankenstein's and I don't really know how much of a difference it makes in the video, but I saw a guy hit 53 on his bike with a 33 tooth sprocket. Meaning he was hitting close to 9500. Albeit he had a pipe and a g2 reed setup but can that really make a 2000 rpm difference when I'm running a 36 tooth and no pipe?

Also speaking of pipe, I think for now what I'll do before diving into welding a nasty jack to the thing is do some simple muffler mods like drilling out the inside and MAYBE buying a dual port exhaust.
Update: tried to take the bike on a solid ride and my mounting screws ejected themselves. And the vibrations from the engine caused my exhaust to come lose. Thankfully I noticed and the engine was fine. Are motorized bike supposed to vibrate in the higher rpms? I felt it all the way to the handlebars. Need a shorter exhaust and a way to suppress vibrations.

Overall though I think I’ve successfully created an ms460 build with a completely unchanged bottom end.