my engine is new but dripping

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by -=MaTEoS=-, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. -=MaTEoS=-

    -=MaTEoS=- Guest

    hi there guys. i will take a pic of my bike tonight i think. and when i can i will post it up here

    however my engine is leaking.. i need some help.

    is it normal for the engine to leak really slowly ? is it cause the gaskets are new and they just need to set?

    should i re tighten the bolts around the engine to make sure they are tight?

    the engine runs really well. im happy but it woul be good to sort the leaking problem.
    remember it is a slow leak and its comming from the left hand sidecover of the engine

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Your engine shouldn't leak anywhere or anything. Gaskets don't "set" they seal or they don't seal.

    What is under the sidecover? I'd tighten the bolts/screws a little, then if it doesn't stop, remove the offending cover, clean it until you could eat from it and put it back together with some RTV gasket maker (available just about anywhere). Follow the directions on the tube.
  3. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    let's try to get more detailed here...what is leaking? is it really leaking from within the left cover? if so, that can't be good, because that is where the magneto is. it merely dripping from the lowest point?

    up to now, the only leaking i've heard of is fresh fuel, mostly due to sub-par shutoff valves. check the bottom of the carb bowl for the telltale drop of pre-mix. when mine was leaking the fuel did seem to get everywhere on its way to the ground.

    when you post pics, would you try to get a close-up of the leak for posting here?
  4. -=MaTEoS=-

    -=MaTEoS=- Guest

    ok here are pics of my bike with the new engine on it..

    i know i still have a lil more final touches to do.
    but its working and ridable.
    which what i wanted to achieve lol.

    in some of the pics you will see how the engine is mounted and where the leak ends and also where it looks like its starting.

    i have reason to believe that the gap between the engine and the exhaust is leaking a little.. have a reason as to why this is happening but i wanna hear what you guys reckon.












    before i mounted the engine
  5. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    this is my opinion on what i'm seeing...others will prolly have more and better info for ya.

    check the headbolts, the leak at the bottom of the jug can only be corrected this way. it may be too late, tho, and require replacement of the gasket.

    check your fuel consumption...i'm not very comfortable with the position of your carb & i'm concerned that maybe you're filling the bottom case with raw fuel.

    that's all i got...good luck 8)

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  6. foyeburger

    foyeburger Guest

    i agree with augi-dog . the float level cannot shut off with the angle of that carb the float has to rise up to push the needle valve closed. looks like its can only rise a bit there fore letting gas in thru the manifold into the bottom of the crank at least thats what i think is going on there i would if you can try to reposition the carb to get her level loose the air filter and see if that works first then work something else out with the air filter larry ca
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Turn your carb manifold over so the carb is more level.

    Tighten the head bolts a bit to see if this stops the leak. You may have "wet sumped" the engine by filling it with raw fuel, which could cause the base gasket to leak. You may as Augi has pointed out , have to replace the base gasket.
  8. -=MaTEoS=-

    -=MaTEoS=- Guest

    hmm some good ideas..
    i will tighten the head bolts.

    though i dont think its at all the carbs fault.
    i think it is in a decent position. the idea was coppied off another
    guy on here

    if it was letting in too much fuel i would get higher revs and cant keep them down. also i would think that the exhaust would smoke up alot

    what im seeing here is just under the exhaust pipe where its bolted.. the gasket is leaking
    therefore the its dripping along the engine cooling fins
    which in turn is leaking over the head gasket.
    and all the way down to the bottom.
    its only a lil.. very lil leak.
    like 1 drop per hour when its hot.

    i took the exhaust pipe off and saw that there was a leaking mark on the gasket.

    when i have some time im gonna buy a gasket kit
    and do it all up again.
  9. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    WOW !!!! Leaking Fuel?

    Your Carb is at such an angle that I would not be sure your Float is shutting off properly. It would seem to be that fuel would be leaking with your carb at such a radical angle. Carbs will work fine with some lean to them, but yours is really at a severe angle. Leaking fuel? I am not surprise.. Fix your carb install. Thanks..Enjoy the ride.
  10. -=MaTEoS=-

    -=MaTEoS=- Guest

    yeah had a closer look at the carb.. it is leaking from where the pipe is connected to the engine.

    i cant distinguish if its because of the bolts not being tight or the carbs angle.

    im gonna tighten first. then if probkem still persists im gonna take the tube off and take it to a mechanic to fix it up for me. and put the engle a lttle lower.

    guys what are the steps to replace a gasket?
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You're gonna have to level the carb.

    You said it's leaking and running down. It's overflowing and going into the engine and leaking . If you tighten it, then the fuel will all go into the engine. Not good.

    1. Level the carb.
    2. Run the engine, if there is still an exhaust leak, fix that.
    3. If the base gasket leaks, then try tightening the head bolts VERY SLIGHTLY.
    4.If it still leaks at the base gasket, then replace the base gasket.

    The alternative if you can't get the carb level, is to use the correct Walbro diaphram carb which can be run at any angle.
  12. -=MaTEoS=-

    -=MaTEoS=- Guest

    hey bike guy..

    i thought about your post and what you wrote up here..

    i just came from outsidde after tidying up the engine cables.

    i also installed my fuel filter which led me to see that when i took the clams off and the fuel line that the hose was pierced.

    now i lined the clamp with some gasket paper maiking sure wen i tighten the clamp that the inner bit wont pierce the fuel line when tightening the clamps.

    im gonna leave it at that for now.
    if it still leaks im going to level out my carb.. i dont think my engine is leaking. i actually think the carb fuel line was bad and lead a leak that ran from the carb, past the fins, down the piston head and down the left hand sid cover.

    hey im really interested in seeing what one of those diaphram carbs look like.

    do you know a link?
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That should get you started.

    If it dosen't leak any more and you are running fine, then yeah, don't mess with it.

    If tightening the hose with the hose clamp pierced the hose, I'd replace both with some good quality items, (Tractor Supply Co./Lowe's/AutoZone ect.) 'cause the line shouldn't be getting pieced by tightening!

    It's inexpensive insurance.
  14. 1cc

    1cc Guest

    With the set up of your bike you are asking for trouble, Carby's must be set as level as possible, all your problems are caused by the angle of your carby, causing continual flooding of the engine, thus saturating all your gaskets with fuel. How do I know this you ask. 40yrs of riding & playing with 2 strokes. Going by your pictures if you drew a straight line across the carby fuel bowl at any one time you would never get the float to rise enough to shut off the fuel flow.