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  1. I have converted a Schwinn Protocol 1.0 full suspension mountain bike to an electric road bike with an rear hub motor kit, a Ping 36V, 20amphour, LiFePo4 battery, and higher road gears. My next addition, this Spring, will be a B-5 disc brake on the rear. Top speed on the flat with no wind is 22MPH, and the max range is 35miles with no pedal assist and no hills. 001.jpg

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    If you increase the battery voltage you increase the speed but decrease the range. That is what I did to my ebike kit since I lived 2 miles from work. It handled the increase just fine.
  3. You got that right, Jaguar. I had a 48V, 15amphour battery from Ping on another e-bike. Speed went up to 28MPH, but range went down to about 26 miles. It is funny, but Ping's 36V, 20 amphour battery and their 48V, 15amphour battery are exactly the same size, so I could swap them around to my different bikes using the same battery box without modification. I sold my first e-bike(white with front hub motor) and the fellow I sold it to wanted more power for climbing some steep hills on his commute, so he got the 48Vbattery. I would rather have the longer range, so we were both happy. I have 2 e-bikes with the same 36V, 20amphour batteries, the one I bought in 2010 and have used hard for 4 years is starting to fail, somewhat. It has the same power, but the range has now dropped to about 30 miles.
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    Nice looking ride Mike.
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