My new Toy - Rad Rover 5 Fat Tire E Bike

Very sad Damian you fail to mention these fellas.

First Album was 74, last was in 2112... I mean 2012.

I saw them during the last tour in 2015.

I learned bass because of Geddy.

I have Rush in my collection

What you need is some traveling music "Mit dem Kraftwerk...Autobahn"

Ahh, it or not, it was a big hit in the early to mid 70s...They played a much shorter version of it on the radio back then
I've heard it before, very trippy and atmospheric, you can tell they had.... inspiration writing it.

Don't make me bust out my metal stuff!
I'll be back on the beach in March for 10 - 12 days 🏖️🚴‍♂️🎣🛶