Naked ride in the windy city tomorrow night

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  1. MasterLink

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    would anyone do this if it was you my issue is there protesting oil./gas whats you thoughts here the full link could u on a mb weeeeee heee whos in ?

    Chicago's 2008 World Naked Bike Ride is this Saturday, June 14th.
    CHECK-IN point will be UNION PARK
    Near 100 North Ashland Avenue, near Washington/Ogden s any previous suggestions.

  2. MasterLink

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    some one say sumthin pls lol if i go i will post pics
  3. muddawg

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    you dont wanna see me necked
    and ah dont wanna ride necked !

  4. turbo/chaos

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    i wonder what the brez would be down there on me ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. fastboy9

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    that would be well fun! I think my exhaust is a bit too close for comfort though!
  6. SirJakesus

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    God I love hippychicks!
  7. MasterLink

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    i did it flippin A ,,,talking about feeling free i didnt use my motor just once up a over pass ....burn fat not oil ,,,,,..and almost got into a fight with a dude from a bike club he said i was cheating i told him dont knock it on till he trys it was late he was drunk ,,i was on water the gals were all great i got a few gals to paint me up a bit got nude hit the down town we took the hood over people came out all over to watch usand scream .. after about 15 min. i forgot i was nude and all the girls did also was fun to see a boob wiggle like they did hahaah i will be goin next time year also ...i did meet some really cool folks critical mass they say they take the streets over once a month
    seems like there were about 5000 riders last night wow what a great time iam sure i was on the only one on my a mb we so need a bike club here i have pics and sum vids i like to post just need to get them from my cell
  8. sjackson

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    I used to ride in critical mass all the time. The best rides were the winter ones, especially the annual polka ride. Starts at Daley plaza and goes down to a polka club near Midway Airport. Since I would ride to Daley from my place, then to the club, and then back to my place from the club, it wound up being a nice 75 or so mile day for me.
  9. MasterLink

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    man thats a lot of miles they said its been geting biger 5oo to 600 riders could you get down here on yer mb ? or could get it on the train ?
  10. sjackson

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    Don't have the MB built yet. In limbo waiting for grubee 4-stroke frame mount kits to become available again. But I could just get there under human power. I've done it before. They don't let you take bikes on the trains until after 6:30 or something like that, and critical mass usually starts at 5:30. I'll probably catch one or two of the rides over the summer after work. I get out at 4:30, and an hour is enough time for me to crank downtown.

    It's a fun time. There's really nothing quite like taking over a street with hundreds of bikes. Although in some regards, I feel like it does more harm to the cause than good. All those people that get stuck in their cars either enjoy the strange events unfolding around them, or they get ****ed off because they have to wait. Usually they get ****ed off. That frustration can come out at other bikers they encounter later on, when there's no safety in numbers anymore.
  11. MasterLink

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    i see i have the 4 banger it will worth the wait the wait ..... but if i was you with a limo you are going to have to make the lower mount anyways i would get the motor... and get working on it there is noting better my life has got better i have saved time geting around ...and i need a rideing buddy heheh hay i wounder what there goin to say with my bike in the bunch i dont want to bring my rodie on the 27th to the meet or maybe i have a huffy rail i could get goin but i do want to get riders together that want to get on mb i want to get a club goin
  12. enforcer505

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    the sidewalk is for normal ridin! not fansy ridin! lol
  13. sjackson

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    The frame of the bike I'm putting it on is basically the same as yours. Did you have to make your own mount?

    I've had some thoughts about maybe getting a group of MB riders together and renting out the velodrome in Northbrook for an afternoon. That would be fun.

    ETA: You know, I've looked at the schwinn jaguar next to my bike, and noticed that the bottom tube on the frame drops a bit more on the Jaguar. I hope that doesn't cause any problems when I go to mount the 4 stroke. I literally just got this bike yesterday and can't return it. dang it... Looks like I might have to fabricate my own mount anyway.

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  14. MasterLink

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    i used the mount that comes with the kit its the 3 pieces i think if i do again i will get some steel and weld it in make it adjable the mount moves from time to time and once its mounted my plate iam moving froward about once a week yea man we need to get together there will be lots coming soon i seen a steady stream of bikers this morning with thos faces of **** as the wind beat them ...i will use some u channel 3 peices weld the 2 pieces to the frame the one biger piece over the 2 you will need to see how far over the motor will rest anyways if u need help just yell i need to make one also i have 2 bikes on there way that bike is a start wee heee lets go man !
  15. sjackson

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    Actually, I think I might be okay with the stock mount. This guy here put a 4-stroke on a micargi tahiti and it fit just fine. (I'm jealous of his tank. I really want one like that, but can't find it anywhere.) I may need some pointers on paint though.
  16. MasterLink

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    hows things goin have you got anything runing yet ?
  17. ozzyu812

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    My wife got an email of an event similar to this type in San Francisco with pics. But she never forwarded it to me. :( Wonder why LOL :rolleyes: