Need advice to fab fenders

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by rustycase, May 10, 2011.

  1. rustycase

    rustycase New Member

    I'm working towards a BTR from a basketcase MB bought last week.
    Would like to learn how to fabricate a fender for it from steel.
    Don't have an english wheel... should I get one from HF or should I try hammering one from sheet stock?

    I've gathered a busted Roadmaster Skyrider to use for parts, but thought I should offer the few good parts for sale before axing them for my replica project.
    I have the rear fender and chainguard, and the badge from the head tube.
    They are in fair shape.

    Can anyone direct me to instruction for fabbing bike fenders?


  2. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Not much in the way of instructions...

    Easiest way would be to lay the sheet metal on the actual tire and pound it into shape as to follow the curve of the tire.

    May take a good amount of pounding to get it close to being even and or level.

    May be easier to just buy the fenders and save the time for more sanding and painting
  3. rustycase

    rustycase New Member

    Yes, wmd, you are correct. Always easier to buy a part, and frequently cheaper.
    So far, I'm taking a cheap shot at constructing a modern replica of a BTR, but still finding any number of things that must be built, or should be improved upon. I'd like to learn how to work metal, and this will be a good project for that.
    Forming, stretching, and shrinking... I suppose I've done a bit of the first, cutting things to fit, but rarely attempted the second two and have little idea of what's required.
    I suppose I'll HA things just to get it operational, but hope to make improvements as I go along.